Like carsharing but on an electric scooter
Hundreds of electric scooters in Moscow city center
Speed up to 25 km/h on straight roads
Ride up to 20 km with only one full battery
Easy to park
Can be parked at city bicycle parking
How do I get access?
Download YouDrive Lite
Log in or sign up
Find the nearest scooter
Go to it and scan its QR code
How to use scooters?
To use our scooter just find one, scan the QR code and open the Bluetooth lock
Where can I find scooters?
Use the map, searching for city bicycle parking:
Still have questions?
How do I ride a scooter?
If it’s your first ride, make sure the scooter is not on sports mode. Check whether the circled S-letter is shown on the display. To switch modes, press the power button twice. When braking, be sure to shift your weight backwards. We recommend using two brakes at once.
How do I avoid bumps and obstacles on the road?
Slow down and shift your weight backwards. If you see a major obstacle, please, dismount and the scooter will be grateful :)
How do I find city parking?
These are shown on the application map. If you see a parking lot, check whether it has a QR code.
How do I brake?
Press your heel on the rear wing. The trigger on the left is an additional brake, but it should not be used as the main one. In case of emergency, you must use both brakes and shift your weight backwards.
What if I need to park my scooter but don't want to hand it in?
Fasten the scooter to any fence or post so the lock cannot be removed. Make sure it does not interfere with the traffic.
How do I check the battery level?
You can check it on the app or the scooter display (dashes indicator below). Note: if you see only one blinking dash, you must look for a parking spot immediately. It means your scooter will stop moving very soon.
What is prohibited during the ride?
Drinking, smoking and other inappropriate things.
What if I have a lot of things with me?
Better use YouDrive car sharing.
Can I park the scooter near my office at a non-city parking lot?
No, the system currently allows parking at city parking lots only.
What if I scratched the scooter?
In case of scratching or any other minor damage causing, please inform our support via @YouDriveBot on Telegram or by email on [email protected], so we can deal with it promptly and you don’t have to worry about this accident.
Is the scooter drive front- or back-wheel?
It's front-wheel.
Can I ride in the rain or in strong wind?
What is the weight limit?
100 kg.
Can I steer with one hand?
No. It is very dangerous.
Can I ride with a bag on the handle?
The scooter wheel is very sensitive to movement. Any load on any of the handles will eventually cause you to fall. The only safe way to ride with your personal stuff is using a backpack, provided that the total weight, including yours, does not exceed 100 kg.
Can I drive with my dog?
You may try if you find a way, but we’re not sure it is safe both for you and your pet.
Can I fasten the scooter to a fence and leave it for a short time?
Yes, if you use the standard lock on a durable closed structure.
What if the scooter was stolen or broken while I was away? Am I liable for this?
Call us at +7 (495) 120-75-12. We will investigate and decide how to deal with it.
Can I manually charge the scooter? Do I pay for charging time?
You can charge your scooter manually. You will have to pay for charging time for now, but we'll fix that soon.
Can I ride on heels? Or in flip flops? What shoes do I use?
The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and stable, but for the beginners we recommend using only the most comfortable shoes when riding a scooter.
What is the maximum range?
20 km at full battery.
What documents do I need for registration?
A passport and a clean conscience.
What type of damage is considered serious?
Any damage preventing the use of scooter or any structural damage, deformities, cracks and torn off parts.
What if I caused serious damage to the scooter?
If you caused serious damage to the scooter, which makes it difficult or impossible to ride, please contact our support immediately via @YouDriveBot on Telegram or by email on [email protected] so we can sort this out.